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I'm a emotional wreck.

photodiary @ instagram : melamelaniehan

Yes, above title speaks for itself, LA yes i’m insanely in love with that place. Compare to Oakland, San Francisco & Las Vegas , LA is hands down the best place on earth. From the graphite down the streets wall , abundance of own brand labels and the accepting of anyone with free spirited & creative souls. I could foresee myself living there and putting my passion for fashion and create a career out of it. I absolutely can’t wait for 2016. Long but i know it’s gonna be worth the wait.

Here’s to the one who stood by my side and never left , even as i pushed him away countless times. To the one who showed me how i should have been treated and love. To late night outs and sneaking back to your place and waking up to your mum’s lunch.For times when i break down over someone else and you still put me in your arms and cried with me. Who never in a million chance would ever pass the chance of sending me to school or to places i needed to be because he said those were the times he actually felt like he was my boyfriend.

My heart wasn’t on par with you, you were always five steps ahead of me and i? Probably took one step after 4months and it also happen to be the day it ended.Maybe my heart was scared to commit and believe again or just maybe it was meant to be this way just so you can meet her.

I’m so happy D , happy that you’re happy and that you found happiness in the place you loved most. I wish this happiness last forever because you deserve it (:

I was thinking about it the whole night and today, if he ever fucked things up again. I’m never gonna let you go back , I’ll take you by your hand and just ask you to walk away. I can’t take this , I can’t take seeing you beating yourself about it and suffering. This time with determination, I’m taking you away from him like how I should have done years ago.